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Declares peace surgical hospital in Damascus for continuing to provide all medical services within the hospital

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VIP Name Phone 1 Section
NOOR ALHELOW 00963116735595Advertising design - Drawing and thermal printing All printing, advertising and advertising services
  Huda Al-Najjar 6387178Announcement and propaganda
  Walid al-Saadi 4431114Announcement and propaganda
  Hrkھ Flash Daaیھ and Advertising Co., Ltd. Almsaolیھ Announcement and propaganda
  Samer Khoیs Announcement and propaganda
  Samer Doba 6114445Announcement and propaganda
  Doba and Hھoan / scenes 6114445Announcement and propaganda
  Media Direct Ltd Almsaolیھ 4474050Announcement and propaganda
  Hrkھ goal of Daaیھ & Advertising and Publishing Ltd Almsaolیھ Announcement and propaganda
  Maya Mr. Hrیktھa 6623259Announcement and propaganda
  Hrkھ Media ھos for Daaیھ and Advertising Co., Ltd. Almsaolیھ 4433223Announcement and propaganda
  George Haddad 3345144Announcement and propaganda
  Ramez Dundee 3313222Announcement and propaganda
  Ramez Shabib 2323066/2323062Announcement and propaganda
  Khalil Sargi and Hrیkھ 2260666Announcement and propaganda
  Hrkھ median International Ltd. Almsaolیھ 2000Announcement and propaganda
  Hrkھ Rowan Promoseven Ltd Almsaolیھ Announcement and propaganda
  Irfan Anwar 2323026Announcement and propaganda
  Sons Anwar Akkad 3322683Announcement and propaganda
  Hamsho & Co. 2055Announcement and propaganda
  Khaled Al-Mohammad Al-Hamdi Announcement and propaganda