"Corona Focus" in pictures ... a large hospital and a "ghost town"

Pictures released Tuesday showed hundreds of families set aside to receive those infected with the virus at an exhibition center converted into a hospital in Wuhan, in an attempt to accommodate thousands of people infected at the epidemic outbreak.
The Wuhan government said it plans to convert 3 existing places, including a gymnasium and an exhibition center, into hospitals to receive patients with mild symptoms of the new SK virus.
The Chinese government announced, on Tuesday, that 64 new deaths were recorded as a result of coronavirus infection in the central province of Hubei, bringing the total number to 425 deaths until the end of the third of February.
And 2345 new cases of the virus were monitored in Khobi, the epicenter of the outbreak, bringing the total number of people infected in the region to 13522 cases, bringing the number of people infected in China to 19,967 infected throughout the country, while the number of infections in the world is about 20155 people.
ghost town
On the other hand, recent pictures showed Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, empty of its thrones, with empty streets and deserted shops, to paint a picture of the scale of the impact of the epidemic that hit the city.
The streets appeared completely free of cars and residents, in a surreal view of the city, whose streets used to be crowded with cars.
Other photos also showed famous shops closed in the commercial streets of the city, while shopping centers were limited to a very limited number of visitors.
An Egyptian doctoral student studying and residing in the heart of the city of Khobi Province, in an interview with Sky News Arabia, explained the current situation in the abandoned city.
According to the current situation in the city, the movement has become prohibited for everyone, according to the description of the researcher who likened him and his colleagues at the Central Agricultural University of China as "house arrest."
"The authorities followed the idea of ​​isolation. The affected outposts are isolated so that things become better. Now everyone is obligated to his home and only leaves him to buy basic necessities."
The pictures showed the transformation of Wuhan and the surrounding cities into the largest quarantine area in human history, after which it turned into a true ghost town, awaiting the end of this "nightmare".

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