Syrian olive oil to Iran soon

The President of the General Union of Peasants Ahmed Ibrahim revealed that there are currently negotiations with the Iranian side to export olive oil, and there is an intention to export 400 tons of it initially, indicating that this agreement is currently verbal and no contracts have been concluded with the Iranian side to date, indicating that the union is Currently selling olive oil to state employees in installments.
Regarding the agricultural support strategy approved by the Council of Ministers yesterday, the President of the General Union of Peasants pointed out that the government supports the agricultural sector, whether with production requirements or with production outputs, i.e. whether with seeds or fertilizers, indicating that the government is trying as much as possible to help farmers, especially with regard to citrus, chickpeas and some crops Others that are subject to supply and demand.
The Cabinet had approved in its weekly meeting the strategy of "agricultural support" prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture within the policy of "self-reliance" to achieve self-sufficiency and food security and the provision of agricultural and food products manufactured from agricultural raw materials at reduced prices to citizens and increase agricultural exports and competitiveness externally.
A legislative project will be presented to exempt the farmers who benefited from the feed circulation fund from the benefits and penalties of delay, and in the event the project is issued in the form of legislation that will benefit about 73 thousand farmers from livestock breeders.

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