The lyrics of the song, O Magician Amr Diab

O magician, my eyes are moon, I see you
O eyes of your eyes I forbid you
Beck commented to me from the first time I met
Nights stayed up, God is God, I will not show you
You will never give a gift, so you will do two dimensions
Stay in the normal Al-Hadi Qasadi, not for this degree
I saw you and did not look around, I asked to live with Maine
On the second, I found someone who compensated me, his love, and Radi
Night by night night by night my nation I loved
In hours of laughter, she will give in to Tani Tani
And eyes meet her reassured, and my heart relaxed
It is the happiness that I have with the dream of years
I will consider what you have forgotten and promise

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