Sahar Al Sharq Company
The Company's name Sahar Al Sharq Company
Responsible person Ayyash Al-Akkam
Phone First +963 11 6787209
Mobile First +963 933434416
City Ref Damascus
Title New Artouz - Khan Al-Shih Road - opposite Al-Aqraa gas station
Specialization Manufacturing all types of industrial detergents
About company
Sahar Al Sharq Company
Al-Akkam Chemicals
A company specialized in manufacturing all types of industrial detergents, such as multi-use liquid containers, liquid soap, and washing powder in all sizes. It was established by Ayyash Al-Akkam in 1991, and our products are present in most Syrian governorates.
All of our products are manufactured according to Syrian standard specifications
Address: New Artouz - Khan Al Sheih Road - opposite Al Aqraa gas station
Tel: 6787209
Mobile: 0933434416
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