Sultan Sweets
The Company's name Sultan Sweets
Phone First +963 11 4447204
Phone Second +963 11 4453643
Mobile First +963 991888883
Mobile Second +963 991666664
City Damascus
Title Damascus - Al-Mazraa / Ghaddad Street
Specialization Oriental sweets and food
About company
Sultan Sweets
Al-Sultan International Sweets Company was established in Damascus in 1997 of the last century by Mr. Samer Al-Qaseer. Then the company expanded by opening a central laboratory that helped it move towards opening new markets in most countries of the world (Canada - the United States of America - France - Germany - Belgium - Australia - the Netherlands) and during During this journey, Al-Sultan Company flourished with prestigious international achievements, awards and accolades, the most recent of which was the entry of Al-Sultan Company into the Guinness Book of Records by producing the largest plate of Arabic sweets by preparing 12 tons of Arabic sweets in one box that amazed the world.
Accordingly, and due to the large market share that we acquired, we expanded, beginning by opening our large factory in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the latest technologies and capabilities for processing oriental sweets. Then we opened the largest distinguished factory for oriental sweets in Turkey with several stores to meet the growing demand in the Turkish market. We have participated in many Regional and international exhibitions and events such as (Anuga Germany - SIAL France - ICM Germany - Fancy Food America). Al-Sultan Company has had many honors and accolades at the regional and Arab levels, including the Arab Knight Shield at the level of quality. In 2019, the company won the award for best taste in the world at the Brussels and continued to win the award for 4 consecutive years with three stars crowned with the Crystal Shield, which is the highest award of merit given to the best taste in the world. Al-Sultan International Sweets Company was selected to receive honor with the International Quality Award from Barcelona presented by the European Society for Quality Research, and Al-Sultan International Company maintained its slogan ( Sweet is gold. The company has always taken upon itself the responsibility of excellence and modernity mixed with heritage, mastery, quality, product quality and taste.
Customers' conviction is our ambition and their satisfaction is the golden shield that we always strive for.
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Address: Damascus - Al-Mazraa
Tel: 4423304 -4447204
Mobile: 0991888883
Quad: 7027
Damascus - Baghdad Street
Tel: 4427837 - 4453643
Mobile: 0991666664
Quad: 9226
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