Muhammad Munir collapses in his managers farewell and a sad message

Mounir, despite his health crisis, was keen on the funeral of his cousin, manager, and sister-in-law, Mahmoud, who passed away yesterday morning in a hospital in 6th of October City, after a struggle with the disease
Muhammad Munir collapsed in tears during the funeral of the body, which came out after performing the noon prayer from the Al-Hosari Mosque in the sixth of October, in the presence of friends and family, most notably the journalist Mahmoud Saad, and the funeral ceremonies were absent from all the stars of art.
Mohamed Mounir mourns his business manager with an influential message
Munir sent a touching message of condolence through his accounts on social networking sites in which he said: We belong to God and to him we return, today I missed my sister's husband and my manager Mahmoud Aba Yazid, who had a great influence in all my artistic steps and was an example of dedication and sincerity and was loved by the artistic community.
He added: May God have mercy on you, a great mercy, and may God help me in continuing my career. I offer my condolences to myself and all those who love the deceased Mahmoud, the beloved character, and may God bless him in His Gardens, condolences in the Sheikh Zayed Police Mosque on Monday, January 13, 2020.

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